Loxo Panels installation must be performed or supervised by approved installers to ensure quality of workmanship. Please contact

Loxo Cladding NZ Ltd for details of licensed Loxo distributors/applicators.

Construction Method

  1. Ensure builder has completed items set out in the pre-cladding check list (See Appendix A).
  2. On rebated step down foundations, apply bituminous membrane paint DPM must be applied to foundation and upstand as per Details 2.2

and 3.1. by builder / main contractor.

  1. Check to ensure framing is straight and plumb with a straight edge, especially corner studs, and is sheathed with wall wrap in accordance

with compliance document E2/AS1 Table 23.

  1. Measure 600mm up the stud from the rebated step down of the footing, or 15mm below Loxo PVC slotted vermin control cavity closer for

overhanging foundations. Mark a horizontal line around the building at 600mm intervals up the soffit line or top plate (see Detail 2.1, 2.2,

2.3, and 3.1).

  1. (VH) EPS Polystyrene battens Deluxe (50mm) vertically with 3 nails or an approved adhesive from the bottom plate to the top plate, as per

Details 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3. Extra battens can be placed to allow for irregularities in framing or in anticipated extra support for Loxo Panels.

  1. Calculate the quantities of Loxo Panels required for the first course around the building making allowance for window and door

openings. Apply waterproofing/plaster option to bottom edges of Loxo Panel.

  1. Starting from a corner, place the first Loxo Panel horizontally onto the rebate. Use a spirit level to ensure the Loxo Panel is level and is flush

with the rebate edge. Push the Loxo Panel hard against the battens and screw fix through the exterior face, through the batten and into the

framing a minimum of 50mm in from the edges of the Loxo Panel. A minimum of 6 screws are required per Loxo Panel, and each screw

must be wound into the Loxo Panel until the head is embedded by a minimum of 5mm. Loxo Panels can be cantilevered a maximum of

500mm beyond the stud.

  1. Apply Loxo Panel Adhesive approximately 2-3mm thick along the vertical edge of the Loxo Panel. Abut the next Loxo Panel hard against

the fixed Loxo Panel. Ensure this Loxo Panel is level and screw to the battens. Repeat this procedure around the perimeter of the


  1. Apply Loxo Panel Adhesive approximately 2-3mm thick along the top edge of the first row of Loxo Panels approximately one panel length.

Lay the next row of Loxo Panels with a quarter to half overlap of the Loxo Panel below, then screw Loxo Panel to framing as outlined


  1. Loxo Panels may be cut to size and whenever possible no reinforcing steel should be exposed to openings or corners.

When this is not possible the exposed steel must be ground back into the Loxo Panel by a minimum of 5mm and treated with a zinc


  1. At window and door openings install Loxo PVC jamb and sill flashings before Loxo Panel is installed.
  2. On overhanging foundations as per detail 3.1 and 3.2 install Loxo slotted version control cavity closers 22mm Classic or 50mm Deluxe. If

using a rebated foundation, then core drill holes and install vents.